adrienbrault/boardee 8

Meteor based graphite dashboard

adrienbrault/AFOAuth2Client 1

AFNetworking Extension for OAuth 2 Authentication

adrienbrault/APNs 1

Apple Push Notification Service Component

adrienbrault/assetic 1

Asset Management for PHP

adrienbrault/BazingaExposeTranslationBundle 1

[Symfony2] A pretty nice way to expose your translation messages to your JavaScript.

adrienbrault/Boomgo 1

Lightweight and straightforward PHP ODM for MongoDB

adrienbrault/addressing 0

A PHP 5.4+ addressing library, powered by Google's dataset.

adrienbrault/AFIncrementalStore 0

Core Data Persistence with AFNetworking, Done Right

adrienbrault/alice 0

Expressive fixtures generator


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Adrien Brault

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Remove phpstan dependency, update dependencies The phpstan rules have been moved to sourceability/phpstan-rules

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Adrien Brault

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Initial commit

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issue closeddoctrine/DoctrineBundle

Logger extension bundle

The StatsdBundle has a doctrine logger, to send queries times etc to statsd. However it does not work without enabling debug and profiling on doctrine connections (the default in the production env).

See and

It would be useful to always have a chain logger on every connection, or have a tag to add loggers and this stuff would be handled by the doctrine bundle.

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issue commentdocker/for-linux

Incorrect Ubuntu Bionic InRelease file

If you want to know when this is reverted without actively checking, you can run this:

until curl -s | grep -E "^Label:" | grep 'Docker CE'; do say not working yet && sleep 5 ; done; while true; do say its working; done

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