Adrian Olek adrianolek Kraków, Poland

adrianolek/AOTranslationBundle 23

Doctrine as symfony translation provider + a nice gui for editing translations.

adrianolek/ajv 0

The fastest JSON schema Validator. Supports JSON Schema draft-04/06/07/2019-09/2020-12 and JSON Type Definition (RFC8927)

adrianolek/common 0

Common drop-ins and utilities for systemd units

adrianolek/DefinitelyTyped 0

The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.

adrianolek/docker 0

Docker - the open-source application container engine

adrianolek/docker-openvpn 0

Recipe to build an OpenVPN image for Docker

adrianolek/doctrine2 0

Doctrine 2 Object Relational Mapper

adrianolek/DoctrineBundle 0

Symfony2 Bundle for Doctrine

adrianolek/DoctrineExtensions 0

Doctrine2 behavioral extensions, Translatable, Sluggable, Tree-NestedSet, Timestampable, Loggable, Sortable