adilhafeez/zipkin-hbase 4

zipkin-hbase scala backend

adilhafeez/benchgraffiti 0

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adilhafeez/cadence-client 0

Framework for authoring workflows and activities running on top of the Cadence orchestration engine.

adilhafeez/confidant 0

Confidant: your secret keeper.

adilhafeez/envoy 0

C++ front/service proxy

adilhafeez/fake_sqs 0

Provides a fake SQS server that you can run locally to test against

adilhafeez/hbase 0

Mirror of Apache HBase

adilhafeez/marshal 0

A Kafka consumer coordination library for Go.

adilhafeez/multi-language-bench 0

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Node.js rate limit requests by key with atomic increments in single process or distributed environment.

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