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Alex Collignon acollign @adobe Alsace, France - Basel, Switzerland Security Researcher

acollign/Grasy 2

Grasy, The Gravatar Synchronizer

acollign/sublp 1

A Sublime Text 2 Project command line tool

acollign/elios 0

Entertainment LIghting Open source Software a.k.a ELIOS is a Java application that provides remote management capabilities to your lighting system based on Art-Net. This project is released under GPL v3.

acollign/experience-manager-65.en 0

This is the repository for Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 documentation. Your contributions to the documentation are welcome.

acollign/github-api 0

Java API for GitHub

acollign/github-api-osgi 0

OSGi Bundle for Java API for GitHub

acollign/goreleaser 0

Deliver Go binaries as fast and easily as possible

acollign/helix-home 0

The home of Project Helix

acollign/jdiff-maven-plugin 0

Fork of the official jdiff-maven-plugin.