Ankur Kunder achaar Bryan, Texas MCS 2021, Texas A&M University | Ex-Samsung R&D Institute - Delhi | IIT Guwahati

znck/mitosis-detection 12

Deeply Learnt Models :p

achaar/ai-p2-multiagent 1

Project 2 for CSCE 625: AI

achaar/ai-project3-reinforcement 1

Project 3 for CSCE 625: AI on Reinforcement Learning

achaar/ai-project4-ghostbusters 1

Project 4 for CSCE 625: AI on Particle Filtering

achaar/autokeras 1

An AutoML system based on Keras

achaar/image-captioning 1

Project for CSCE 633 : Machine Learning on Image Captioning. Implemented Show, Attend and Tell.

achaar/semisup-seq-2class 1

Project for CSCE 638 : Natural Language Processing on Sequence Classification using Semi-Supervised Classification

achaar/visual_object_tracking 1

Course Project Reinforcement Learning(CSCE 689)

Sanjeev2487/visual_object_tracking 1

Course Project Reinforcement Learning(CSCE 689)

sumedhpendurkar/phd-review-system 1

PhD review system for Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station