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Eldar Abusalimov abusalimov @JetBrains St. Petersburg, Russia

abusalimov/mybuild 3

[WIP] Build automation tool for modular applications

abusalimov/clion-bundle-buildenv 2

Dockerfile for building GDB/LLDB for MinGW-W64 and Linux

abusalimov/mk-sh-wrapper 1

shell wrapper for GNU make

abusalimov/bashlex 0

Python parser for bash

abusalimov/basicDemo 0

Sample project to demo basic CLion features.

abusalimov/commitsan 0

Sanity checker for commits and log messages

abusalimov/cookiecutter-pylibrary 0

Enhanced cookiecutter template for Python libraries.

abusalimov/cookiecutter-pytest-plugin 0

A Cookiecutter to create pytest plugins with ease.

abusalimov/cpython 0

Semi-official read-only mirror of the CPython Mercurial repository