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Benjamin Gathmann abulhol Joe Security LLC Germany

abulhol/DocBleachShell 0

DocBleachShell is the integration of the great DocBleach, Content Disarm and Reconstruction tool into the Microsoft Windows Shell Handler.

abulhol/elasticsearch 0

Open Source, Distributed, RESTful Search Engine

abulhol/elasticsearch-php 0

Official PHP low-level client for Elasticsearch.

abulhol/fogproject 0

An open source computer cloning & management system

abulhol/fos 0

FOG Operating System

abulhol/grails-doc 0

Documentation Project For The Grails Web Application Framework

abulhol/joesandboxcloudapi 0

The Joe Sandbox Cloud API Wrapper enables you to fully integrate Joe Sandbox Cloud into your malware analysis framework. Joe Sandbox Cloud is a deep malware analysis platform which detects malicious files.

abulhol/laminas-mail 0

Provides generalized functionality to compose and send both text and MIME-compliant multipart e-mail messages

abulhol/MalConfScan 0

Volatility plugin for extracts configuration data of known malware

abulhol/MISP 0

MISP - Malware Information Sharing Platform & Threat Sharing

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