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abdualrhmanio/jawalbsms 3 SMS Sender Wrapper for Laravel 5

abdualrhmanio/SwiftDate 1

The best way to manage Dates and Timezones in Swift

abdualrhmanio/DateTimePicker 0

A nicer iOS UI component for picking date and time

abdualrhmanio/Gallery 0

📹 Your next favorite image and video picker

abdualrhmanio/GoogleMap 0

Google Map to use create path on map and play vehicle on path like Uber and Ola

abdualrhmanio/laravel-airbnb 0

Simple AirBnb clone using Laravel

abdualrhmanio/LocalizationKit_iOS 0

Realtime Dynamic localization translation delivery system for iOS and Mac OSX in Swift. Create and update texts from without needing to recompile or redeploy. Cocapod for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac)

abdualrhmanio/MBNetwork 0

MBNetwork - Network request can be easier


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issue closedabdualrhmanio/mobilywssms

Some suggestions to improve your code's quality

Hi abdualrhmanio, Thanks for your great job!

I have some suggestions to refactoring your package if you allow to me!

1- In mobilywssms/src/MobilyWsSmsClient.php these variables should be called from config file to be more cleaner.

public function sendSMS($message,$to) {
   $MsgID = rand(1,99999);
   $timeSend = 0;
   $dateSend = 0;
   $deleteKey = rand(1,99999);

2- in sendSMS you should return response result if it send or not ( in case of NOT send return code number with the massage which already provided by Mobilyws.

public function sendSMS($message,$to) {

3- All massages should be in file for languages, just like laravel way ( NOT hard coded like this ), and I think you have a typo issue in 'MESSAGE And TO Number are Require'. And fix ( throw new \Exception('MESSAGE And TO Number are Require'); ) to StyleCI if you wish 😇

public function sendSMS($message,$to) {
if(is_null($message) or !isset($message) or is_null($to) or !isset($to)) {
   throw new \Exception('MESSAGE And TO Number are Require');

Finally, as usual I said that: if you have tested your package it will be much better for us to use this amazing package.

Best regards M. Saud 🤠

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