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abasiri/finagle 1

A fault tolerant, protocol-agnostic RPC system

abasiri/masonry 1

The flip-side of CSS Floats. jQuery plugin that rearranges item elements to a grid.

abasiri/molokai 1

Molokai color scheme for Vim

abasiri/railroady 1

Ruby on Rails 3 model and controller UML class diagram generator. Originally based on the "railroad" plugin and contributions of many others. (`sudo port install graphviz` before use!)

abasiri/twitter-bootstrap-rails 1

Twitter Bootstrap for Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline (Updated to Bootstrap 2)

abasiri/backbone-on-rails 0

It's Backbone, on Rails

abasiri/dead_simple_cms 0

DeadSimpleCMS provides a way to create a configuration for different parts of your application.

abasiri/frigga 0

Utilities for working with Asgard named objects

abasiri/haml-rails 0

let your Gemfile do the talking