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A cert-manager repository for creating an ACME DNS01 solver webhook to use with GoDaddy DNS provider

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Continuously track your internet speed


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A cert-manager repository for creating an ACME DNS01 solver webhook to use with GoDaddy DNS provider

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Continuously track your internet speed

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issue commentAzure/application-gateway-kubernetes-ingress

Application Gateway connected to AGIC is so slow it can take 40 minutes to update pod ip adresses

We're actively working on reducing update times right now and should have and update by end of June. Do you all have support tickets open on these issues? We can take a look at your gateways through the tickets and validate what the problem is behind your gateway(s). Feel free to tag me in the future for any updates as well.

Even with an SLA around AppGW updates, this is still not addressing the root cause. An update to AppGW is still a RESTful request that needs to happen off-box, which inherently could fail or take extended amounts of time...causing health probe failures and outages to occur. To prevent this potential outage with each deployment (and as mentioned in the 3rd post) the AppGW should use the service as a backend, as that is not changing during every deployment. This is fundamentally why you specify a service in your ingress definition, and not the individual pod/deployment information - and why other ingress controllers such as NGINX user the service definition also. The service abstraction defines this in a long-lived object / IP.


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issue commentvmware-tanzu/octant

Terminal tab giving error: create terminal viewer: the server could not find the requested resource

There is a known issue with Terminals and AKS virtual nodes. Just want to double check what vendor/flavor of Kubernetes you're running?

While not the original requestor, I'm having this issue also. I am not running AKS, but instead this is in a microk8s environment on Ubuntu 20.04 - v1.21.5-3+83e2bb7ee39726


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