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aaronkennedy/adaptagrams 0

Libraries for constraint-based layout and connector routing for diagrams.

aaronkennedy/brigadier 0

Fetch and install Boot Camp ESDs with ease.

aaronkennedy/cctz 0

CCTZ is a C++ library for translating between absolute and civil times using the rules of a time zone.

aaronkennedy/curl-android-ios 0

Static libcurl to be used in Android and iOS apps. Build scripts included. No Android source required

aaronkennedy/DZNWebViewController 0

A simple web browser for iPhone & iPad with similar features than Safari's

aaronkennedy/ex-sdl-freetype-harfbuzz 0

Example code which uses SDL, freetype, and harfbuzz to do ttf/otf text layout and rendering

aaronkennedy/glsl-optimizer 0

GLSL optimizer based on Mesa's GLSL compiler. Used in Unity for mobile shader optimization.

aaronkennedy/GPUImage 0

An open source iOS framework for GPU-based image and video processing

issue closedZingWorkshop/Studio

Static event handlers are not connected before state machine runs

"hmm, that is odd. so the two bugs are the state visualizer doesn’t work in that case, and that static event handlers aren’t connected before the state machine starts running. otherwise it is working though"

closed time in 2 months


issue openedZingWorkshop/Studio

State machine visualiser doesn't always work

created time in 2 months

issue closedZingWorkshop/Studio

Regex crashes

var expression = /\[(.*?)\]/
var match = expression.match("\uE155")


closed time in 2 months


issue closedZingWorkshop/Studio

Select focused instance

When using Find (command-f) and selecting items in preview, you can jump to the element definition in the top right panel... the issue is that Zing selects the first instance of the element rather than the instances that is being clicked on. I have about 1500 instances of an element and it's hard work finding the one i'm looking at.

closed time in 2 months


issue closedZingWorkshop/Studio

Regex crashes the simulator

The following two code snippets will crash the simulator on windows

var reg = /[ab]*/.matches("abab, aabba")


on start {
    var reg = /ab*/.matches("abab, aabba")
    for var word in reg { 

In the second example it crashes when you log group[0]

closed time in 3 months