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a-kr/diffcommenter 8

Webapp for code review

a-kr/almaz 4

Carbon-like metric storage daemon which stores all data in memory

a-kr/httpcloner 4

High-performance HTTP traffic sniffing / replaying / cloning tool, heavily inspired by Gor (

a-kr/jsyoda 4

Yoda Stories clone in JavaScript / Canvas

a-kr/coroutines 1

Реализация сопрограмм на Си + ассемблере

a-kr/dftp 1

Distributed file system with HTTP and FTP interfaces

a-kr/git-blamer 1

Извлечение и визуализация данных о развитии git-репозитория

a-kr/gor 1

HTTP traffic replay in real-time. Replay traffic from production to staging and dev environments.

a-kr/isard 1

Metric collection system: cron + shell scripts + gnuplot + web interface

a-kr/lispython 1

custom source file encoding for Python - converts Lisp-like syntax to Python


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