Z572/centered-window-mode 0

Keep your text centered when there's only one window.

Z572/ChordNova 0

ChordNova is a powerful open-source chord progression analysis plus generation software with unprecedentedly detailed control over chord trait parameters, that is way above mainstream softwares. Runs on multiple OS (currently Windows and Linux). | 智弦(ChordNova)是清华大学沈智云和星海音乐学院陈文戈共同开发的一款免费开源、功能强大的和弦进行自动生成软件。该软件提供前所未有的特征参数细节控制,远超以三度叠置为基础的主流软件。

Z572/emacs-application-framework 0

Emacs application framework

Z572/emacs-rime 0

RIME ㄓ in Emacs

Z572/emacs-webkit 0

An Emacs Dynamic Module for WebKit, aka a fully fledged browser inside emacs

Z572/forge 0

Work with Git forges from the comfort of Magit

Z572/guile-irc 0

an irc library for guile

Z572/guile-language-server 0

LSP server for Guile (Scheme) support

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cargo test fail

hello, make cargo test fail, after remove space, cargo test success.

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fork Z572/guile-ssh

Guile-SSH is a library that provides access to the SSH protocol for GNU Guile programs.

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更新 sjtug substitute 镜像链接
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更新 sjtug substitute 镜像链接

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PR opened sjtug/portal

mirror-help: guix 镜像地址末尾添加 /
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mirror-help: guix 镜像地址末尾添加 /

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fork Z572/portal

Portal of SJTUG

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