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Xinyu You Yogayu @Taobao China "Code or be Coded." | GSoC 2019 @RedHenLab | 🏊‍♀️ 🏓 🎸

Yogayu/awesome-jupyterlab-extension 213

😎 A curated list of awesome Jupyterlab extension projects. 🌠 Detailed introduction with images.

Yogayu/EmotionNote 33

This is a notebook which can feel your emotion!

Yogayu/weibo-summary 27

微博自动摘要系统 Chinese Microblog Automatic Summary System

Yogayu/DeepLearningCourse 20

[GSoC2019 with Red Hen Lab] A Deep Learning Course For Humanists.

Yogayu/youxinyu 9

My Personal Home Website

Yogayu/iOSYoga 7

Those project and notes are created while I am learning iOS developing

Yogayu/data2art 3

Personal Blog

Yogayu/ 3

Personal Blog Wiki

Yogayu/WeiboTopicSpider 2

A Spider to crawl Weibo Topic tweets

Yogayu/book 1

Books that I have read.


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