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Yet Another Minion YetAnotherMinion @ThinkAlexandria Chicago Replacing my colleagues one shell script at a time.

ThinkAlexandria/diesel_geometry 19

Add support for geometric types and functions to diesel

capitalist/elm-octicons 11

Octicons. For your Elm apps.

YetAnotherMinion/MooseSlicer 8

command line STL file slicer for 3D printing

YetAnotherMinion/FEP 3

Finite Elements 2D PDE Boundary Value Solver demo for PUMI mesh library

YetAnotherMinion/LeapDevTools 3

simple virtual control panels for Leap Motion

YetAnotherMinion/order-pizza 3

Order pizza from the command line

YetAnotherMinion/drunken-hipster 2

Frequncy analysis decoding of monosubstitution cipertext

YetAnotherMinion/rust-data-structures 2

Implementations of Common Data Structures in Rust

YetAnotherMinion/VOX 2

Voxel Based 3D cellular automata client/server simulator

created tagThinkAlexandria/elm-drag-locations


Drag library designed for many different interaction locations

created time in 3 months