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Winged Toaster WingedToaster Chicago Area

WingedToaster/BaseModel 0

BaseModel provides a base class for building model objects for your iOS or Mac OS projects. It saves you the hassle of writing boilerplate code, and encourages good practices by reducing the incentive to cut corners in your model implementation.

WingedToaster/garage-server-homekit 0

:oncoming_automobile: A golang HomeKit server for raspberry pi to open a garage door.

WingedToaster/iOS7-day-by-day 0

Repo containing the sample projects associated with the iOS7 Day-by-Day blog series

WingedToaster/JWT 0

A JSON Web Token implementation in Objective-C.

WingedToaster/keystone 0

node.js cms and web app framework

WingedToaster/keystonejs-site 0 site and docs

WingedToaster/qmlnet 0

Qml.Net - Qt/QML integration/support for .NET

WingedToaster/react-select 0

A Select control built with and for React JS

WingedToaster/Reader 0

PDF Reader Core for iOS