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VivianBB/ISDA-for-Deep-Networks 0

An efficient implicit semantic augmentation method, complementary to existing non-semantic techniques.

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Hey, it's Vivian again. I started shell script yesterday, and figured out how the "main/" works. Still: (1) I am not sure about ""/"". (2) AND will you soon release the bash of ORCNet-based scripts and checkpoints which behaved best in your paper (83.2 on train and 82.4 on train_val, Cityscape)?


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Hi, Dr.Zhou. Sorry to bother you, but could you please give an example to conduct the command file? Considering various version of bash files, it would be nice to give an description about your naming style. For example, (1) "", "", and "" (2) "", "", and ""

Thank you, and looking forward to your reponse.

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