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VinDuv/switch-arduino-controller 8

Nintendo Switch controller emulator using an Arduino, with Pokémon Sword/Shield automation scripts.

VinDuv/AudioSwitch 4

macOS program to switch audio output using a dedicated key

VinDuv/sheep-bridge 4

Bridge to interface SheepShaver / Basilisk II virtual machines with a physical machine

alub/plong 1

Projet long

VinDuv/GPSInfo 1

iOS app displaying some GPS info

VinDuv/asahi-artwork 0

Asahi Linux logo and other artwork

VinDuv/dolphin 0

Dolphin is a GameCube / Wii emulator, allowing you to play games for these two platforms on PC with improvements.

VinDuv/HLSprovider 0

HTTP Live Streaming - open source HLS flash plugin/player (Chromeless Player, JWPlayer 5.x,6.x,OSMF 2.0,FlowPlayer,mediaelement.js,video.js))

VinDuv/m1n1 0

A bootloader and experimentation playground for Apple Silicon

VinDuv/MASShortcut 0

Modern framework for managing global keyboard shortcuts compatible with Mac App Store. More details:

fork VinDuv/znc-clientbuffer

ZNC module for client specific buffers

fork in 22 minutes

issue openeddjango-cas-ng/django-cas-ng

Invalid next URLs in login causes a server error

Platform & Version Platform: Linux django-cas-ng: 4.1.1 (waiting for #291 to be fixed before upgrading to 4.2.1) Django: 3.2.6 Python: 3.7.3-2+deb10u3 CAS Server Software and version: MamaCas 2.4.0

Describe the bug An incorrect next URL passed to the login view (absolute URL pointing to the wrong site) causes a RedirectException("Non-local url is forbidden to be redirected to.") to be raised, which is not caugh and ends up causing a 500 Server Error. (This assumes that settings.CAS_CHECK_NEXT, which should probably be the case in most circumstances) Instead of causing a server error (which causes Django to send error emails), the login view should return a HttpResponseBadRequest response (since the request is indeed invalid).

To Reproduce The issue is visible on the demo page: Load ; it returns a “Server Error” page and a 500 HTTP error code.

Expected behavior Loading the page with an incorrect next URL should return a 400 Bad request error page and not cause Django to send an error email.

created time in 6 days