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Uzume/shurcooL-graphql 1

Package graphql provides a GraphQL client implementation.

Uzume/AspNetCore.Docs 0

Documentation for ASP.NET Core

Uzume/documentation 0

All documentation for Open Collective

Uzume/grunt-entwine-quickstart 0

A skeleton project folder that can help you get started with using Grunt and Entwine to build Twine stories outside of Twine

Uzume/memoize.lua 0

memoized functions in lua


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pull request commentiftechfoundation/babel-tool


This should probably use a proper HTML parser as this does not parse HTML attribute values (e.g., ifid=... and modifier=twee) properly. According to HTML there are four types of acceptable attribute syntax:

  • empty attribute syntax
  • unquoted attribute-value syntax
  • single-quoted attribute-value syntax
  • double-quoted attribute-value syntax

Since in the case of the twine.c plug-in code here we are always looking for non-empty values, the first might not be applicable, however, the code here as merged only handles double-quoted attribute-value syntax and ignores single-quoted attribute-value and unquoted attribute-value syntax.


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issue commenttmedwards/sugarcube-3

Custom HTML tags

If you do end of using custom element tags, you should probably define them (along with those specified in the Twine 2 HTML Output specification). This is now quite standardized and available in most browsers today. See Can I use: Custom Elements V1 and Custom elements. This might also be applicable to your thoughts on syntax changes #15.


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pull request commentkjerk/sjisunzip

Improve usability in user flows when the default SIJS<->UTF8 encoding is incorrect

I have not yet looked at the proposed patch implementation carefully, however I really like the idea of something that can fix zip files with broken filename encodings for more than just cp932/Shift-JIS issues. This same thing crops up elsewhere with things like CP936/GBK encodings or other similar things.

Note it should be possible to just update the filenames in a zip archive without touching the file contents (some may have exotic compression, etc. one would not want to mess with). That also means such a tool as this does not have to deal with actual file encryption either (though it might have to deal with Central Directory metadata encryption where filenames are stored).

I personally would remove unzip support and rely on a separate tool designed for such a job and make this one concentrate on just rectifying the filename encoding problems that have proliferated in Japan and elsewhere.


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