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UtkarshPramodGupta/Shell 1

A clone of the bash shell written in C, implementing most of its basic functionality including piping.

UtkarshPramodGupta/account-ui 0

UI for User account management in CloudBoost

UtkarshPramodGupta/cloudboost 0

One Complete Serverless Platform for the next web. Add Storage, Real time, Search, Notifications, Auth and more with one simple API.

UtkarshPramodGupta/clx 0

An online market place for college students to sell their old books, and stuff. Written in core PHP two years ago using the MVC design pattern and MySQL database. Implemented most of the web securities and front end form validations using Javascript.

UtkarshPramodGupta/demux-js-postgres 0

Demux-js Action Handler implementation for Postgres databases

UtkarshPramodGupta/developers 0

Developer documentation for CloudBoost

UtkarshPramodGupta/docs 0

API Reference of CloudBoost found at

UtkarshPramodGupta/examples 0

Total.js examples

UtkarshPramodGupta/home 0

Home page for CloudBoost.

UtkarshPramodGupta/JavaScriptSDK 0

CloudBoost SDK for JavaScript and NodeJS apps.


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