UserComponent/jython-sqlite3 3

Lightweight wrapper for using sqlite3 in Jython (JVM alternative to C Python's sqlite3 extension module - "pysqlite")

UserComponent/asmux-server 0

Basic HTTP server in x86-64 assembly

UserComponent/dim-wishlist 0

DIM Wishlist for Destiny 2

UserComponent/django-rest-framework-json-api 0

Implements most of the JSON API 1.0 spec.

UserComponent/flask-ask 0

Alexa Skills Kit for Python

UserComponent/ipcalc 0

Python IP Calculator

UserComponent/json-api 0

JSON-API ( responses in PHP.

UserComponent/libyaml 0

Canonical source repository for LibYAML

UserComponent/nodechat-server 0

Private Node.js chat server

UserComponent/qdbmp 0

Quick n' Dirty BMP Library, tiny and easy to use

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