Tyler Hogan Tybot204 @Intelitics Irvine, CA I'm a creative developer who likes to make cool stuff.

Tybot204/aasm 1

AASM - State machines for Ruby classes (plain Ruby, ActiveRecord, Mongoid, MongoMapper)

Tybot204/angular-wizard 1

Easy to use Wizard library for AngularJS

Tybot204/angular2-token 1

:key: Token based authentication service for Angular2 (ng2) with multi-user support. Works best with the devise token auth gem for Rails. Demo:

Tybot204/ice_cube 1

Ruby Date Recurrence Library - Allows easy creation of recurrence rules and fast querying

Tybot204/ICS-161-Engine 1

ICS 161 Game Engine: Group R @ 9:30am

Tybot204/pusher-fake 1

A fake Pusher server for development and testing.

Tybot204/pusher-http-ruby 1

Ruby server library for the Pusher API | owner=@zimbatm

Tybot204/UnrealGameJam2021 1

Unreal 5 based game jam!

danteg93/apartment-ghost 0

Team Specter's repo for ICS169. Code name: Apartment Ghost

danteg93/CS171 0

Repository for CS171