Tubo Tubo Ace the Exam Ltd. Christchurch, New Zealand Web developer. Enjoys Python, Elm, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Racket and Emacs. Currently learning Haskell. Also a junior doctor.

Tubo/anki-editor 0

Emacs minor mode for making Anki cards with Org

Tubo/cookiecutter-django 0

Cookiecutter Django is a framework for jumpstarting production-ready Django projects quickly.

Tubo/django 0

The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.

Tubo/django_quiz 0

This is a configurable quiz app for Django.

Tubo/emacs.d 0

My personal emacs configuration

Tubo/meditor 0

Interactive online editor for resident doctors to make their life slightly easier

Tubo/org-clock-export 0

Export org-clock data to a CSV file

Tubo/paack-ui 0

Paack design system

Tubo/prostate-mri 0

An web app for automating the reporting of prostate MRI scans using PIRADS 2 specs

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