Matteo Villosio Tsadoq Sol, 3rd planet Data Engineer @ flowe, Data Science graduate @ Politecnico of Turin. Java, C,C++ and Python

Tsadoq/rec.ap 3

Quickly generate a variable length recap from online newspaper articles

FilBr/DMO-Assignment 2

Decision Making and Optimization - Assignment

Tsadoq/DMO-CPP 2

Decision Making and Optimization - Assignment, CPP version

Tsadoq/iCarl_MixCaRL 2

Implementation of iCarl for ResNet for the cifar100

Tsadoq/rec.ap.discord 2

Discord bot that generates recaps from online articles

Tsadoq/Reddit_EU_language_dataset 2

Dataset of posts from the subreddit r/europe created to create a pipeline to classify English speakers into their original language

Tsadoq/blog 1

My personal page dev repo

Tsadoq/Pylette 1

I made this small script to automatically generate, given an image, a new one containing it and his palette. I initially did it with movies in mind but it can be clearly used for whatever

Tsadoq/Pylette.Bot 1

A telegram bot to extract the color palette from an image and show it

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