Timur Kuchkarov TimurBK Novosibirsk/Bangkok

TimurBK/ReactiveLocalizationManager 43

This class helps change app language without changing device language or restarting app. ReactiveCocoa is used for delivery of localization changes.

TimurBK/EasyPickersCollection 34

Collection of simple, extensible, easy to use pickers. Inspired by ActionSheetPicker.

TimurBK/UIImage-XCAssets 24

Adds convenience methods to UIImage to get launch image if they are from xcassets

TimurBK/Glicko2-objc 1

Implementation of Glicko2 rating described here -

TimurBK/AIToolbox 0

A toolbox of AI modules written in Swift: Graphs/Trees, Support Vector Machines, Neural Networks, PCA, K-Means, Genetic Algorithms

TimurBK/BJImageCropper 0

A simple UIView subclass that allows a user to crop an image. If you use it, I'd love to know! Twitter: @barrettjacobsen

TimurBK/CleverAlgorithms 0

An open source book that describes a large number of algorithmic techniques from the the fields of Biologically Inspired Computation, Computational Intelligence and Metaheuristics in a complete, consistent, and centralized manner such that they are accessible, usable, and understandable.

TimurBK/i2KCoreDataStack 0

Fast(er) Core Data stack

TimurBK/i2KFoundation 0

Base classes, protocols etc.


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