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TimotheeJeannin/ProviGen 245

Easily make a ContentProvider from an annotated ContractClass.

TimotheeJeannin/AppRate 154

A friendly library to prompt your users to rate your app.

TimotheeJeannin/StreamTim 5

Stream torrent movies in Vlc.

TimotheeJeannin/flask-weblogs 0

Displays Flask application logs on a web interface in real time.

TimotheeJeannin/vue-webpack-playground 0

Testing various ways to combine vue, flask and webpack.

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issue openedalixaxel/chrome-aws-lambda

Update Puppeteer to 10.4.X and Chromium to version 93.X

Since version 10.2.0, puppeteer uses Chrome version 93.0.4577.0 It would be nice to have new binaries for this version.

I'm currently using the last binary based on Chrome version 92.X, but I do have a few redenring issues that turns out to be related to the Chrome version.

Thank @alixaxel for the awesome work!


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