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Timlukas Bloch Timi7007 Marklohe, Germany Sysadmin, Freifunker, Gamer, Movies & Series Geek

Timi7007/SKS-Keyserver-Gossip-Network-Graph 3

Generating an Edge Bundling visualization of the SKS keyserver gossip network.

Timi7007/icingaweb2-krieg-der-farben 2

"Krieg der Farben" - Themes für icingaweb2

Timi7007/breminale-lampen 0

Steuerung von Louis' Lampen auf der Breminale 2019

Timi7007/ffhb-breminale 0

Draft for the 2016 version of

Timi7007/ffhb-chart-nodes 0

Generates a diagram with the number of Freifunk-nodes over time. It uses the firstseen attribute of the nodes. Written for our "Stadtteil-Projekt Walle" project and also available for Hagen-Cux.

Timi7007/ffhb-overview 0

Overviews of the Freifunk Bremen network.

Timi7007/gluon-site-ffhb 0

Site config for gluon

Timi7007/kontext-browser-extension 0

Browser extension that adds context to certain German politicians

Timi7007/meteor_demod 0

Meteor-M2 LRPT demodulator


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started time in 2 months