TimNN/cargo-lipo 231

Cargo subcommand to automatically create universal libraries for iOS.

rust-lang/rust-log-analyzer 22

Analyzing Travis and Azure Pipelines logs to find encountered errors

rust-lang/compiler-rt 8

No longer used, use instead

Felerius/codeocean-scraper 1

Batch download student submission from CodeOcean

TimNN/binomial-iter 1

Provides tools to iteratively compute binomial coefficient

TimNN/abstract-ns 0

Abstract name service traits for rust

TimNN/ace 0

Ace ( Cloud9 Editor)

TimNN/angle-rs 0

Rust wrapper class for representing angles and operations over them

issue commentfacebook/facebook-ios-sdk

App suddenly crashing on startup in production due to FBSDKRestrictiveDataFilterManager.m

While this doesn't help from the developer side of things, as a user I noticed that, for me, the Apps start in Airplane mode, although they crash as soon as Airplane mode is deactivated.


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pull request commentrust-lang/rust-log-analyzer

GitHub Actions support, part 1

I haven’t read the entire PR but just for context regarding the “initialize empty index file if not present”: With an untrained index, the results of RLA would be really bad. I think you’d end up attempting to post the entire log as a comment, which I assume GitHub would reject.


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