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Hassan Hayat TheSeamau5 Two Six Capital San Francisco, CA

TheSeamau5/elm-router 100

Easy routing in Elm

TheSeamau5/elm-checkerboardgrid-tutorial 99

Tutorial on Container Components in Elm

TheSeamau5/elm-check 69

Property Based Testing in Elm

TheSeamau5/elm-history 32

Elm bindings to HTML5 History API

TheSeamau5/elm-material-icons 11

Material Icons in Elm

TheSeamau5/elm-loop 6

For-loops and While-loops in Elm immutably

TheSeamau5/elm-quadtree 3

Quadtrees in Elm

TheSeamau5/elm-html-decoder 2

List of common decoders for working with html

TheSeamau5/elm-html-events-extra 2

Extra events for elm-html

TheSeamau5/elm-lazy-list 2

Lazy list implementation in Elm


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started time in 3 months