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Terry Weymouth Terry-Weymouth Retired from University of Michigan Royal Oak, MI, USA Wild-ass programmer: Why are we reading this. Let's start coding!

Terry-Weymouth/AliceVision 0

Photogrammetric Computer Vision Framework

Terry-Weymouth/AndroidPlay 0

just fooling around with Android on Samsung Tab 10.1

Terry-Weymouth/BumpDetectorCore 0

The code that is loaded on the Raspberry PI for the BumpDetector project

Terry-Weymouth/FactorySimulation-GA 0

Playing around with Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks for control in a Simple Simulated "Factory"

Terry-Weymouth/GA-AntWorld 0

Playing around with the Genetic Algorithm, Neural Networks, and a synthetic Ant World

Terry-Weymouth/haskell-line-intersect 0

Intersection parameter and point for two parameterized 2D point-vector lines

Terry-Weymouth/meshroom 0

3D Reconstruction Software

Terry-Weymouth/RNN-Playground 0

Playing around with RNN/LSTM networks in Deeplearning4j. So far: a couple of character learning examples; (partially) a full word-sequence demo; (near-term target) a toy-ish factory simulation.