Ted Studley TedStudley Flexport San Francisco, CA

TedStudley/bootstrap86 2

Bootstrapping an 8086 OS from the ground up.

TedStudley/Advection-Diffusion-Codes 1

Codes for modeling advection and diffusion and one and two dimensions. Check the readmes in the relevant files for more information.

TedStudley/defer_proc 1

Ruby gem to defer execution of a block until certain requirements are met.

TedStudley/-tg-station 0

/tg/'s SS13 branch

TedStudley/byebug 0

Debugging in Ruby 2

TedStudley/Cereal-Hack-3 0

Cereal Hack III 2013

TedStudley/cglass 0

A template engine for C

TedStudley/CIG-html-poster-template 0

Template for CIG AGU poster

TedStudley/dotfile 0

Ruby Dotfile Gem