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Tangent128/luasdl2 262

A pure C binding of SDL 2.0 for Lua 5.1, Lua 5.2, and LuaJIT.

Tangent128/webmetro 34

Utilities for relaying live WebM video/audio streams

Tangent128/lua-evdev 29

Lua module for reading Linux input events from /dev/input/eventXX nodes

Tangent128/sema 12

Lua-based daemon supervisor

Tangent128/freefall-speedreader 7

Freefall Archive-Binge Speedreader (FABS) & flytable.js library

Nayruden/GameDev 6

Game for game development class, written in Python

Tangent128/psychonauts-linux-patch 6

Suppresses input grabbing in the Linux version of Psychonauts so you don't have to exit the game to check IMs, etc.

Tangent128/Pentagon 3

Apply fancy styling and animated AJAX navigation to a set of static barebones HTML files, no server-side scripts required.

Tangent128/pi-hydroponic 3

My script(s) for using my Raspberry Pi as a watering controller

Tangent128/cqueues-fastcgi 2

Tools for writing a FastCGI application with Lua 5.3 and cqueues


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issue commentValveSoftware/Proton

VRChat Desktop Client (438100)

I think I am seeing this issue as well; radeontop reports GTT usage constantly growing until it hits 100%, even at the login screen.

It seems to manage to recover a little memory, dropping to ~98% a couple times before climbing again, but then crashes for good. (VRAM stays at around 60% the whole time.)

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling SteamVR and VRChat, with no success.


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