TJ Krusinski TJkrusinski Facebook Redwood City, CA

TJkrusinski/clickbait 13

Classify strings as being click bait or not.

drocarmo/elenco 12

Chrome-extension designed to help you stay on track.

TJkrusinski/dotfiles 8


TJkrusinski/clickhole-headlines 2

Get the most recent 200 headlines from

TJkrusinski/arrandom 1

Randomize the items in an array and return a new one

TJkrusinski/buzzfeed-headlines 1

Scrape titles of articles from buzz feed.

TJkrusinski/cercle 1

Anything in anything out pub/sub

TJkrusinski/etat 1

State management for the browser.

TJkrusinski/git-sha 1

Get the HEAD git sha

mattrw89/smoke_signal_backend 0

The backend service for smoke_signal (working name)