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Sylvain Mauduit Swop @dailymotion Paris, France

Swop/heroku-autoscale 26

An autoscaling python script for Heroku

Swop/github-webhook 10

Library which deals with incoming GitHub web hooks requests (signature validation & payload parsing)

Swop/github-webhook-stackphp 7

Stack middleware to restrict application access to GitHub Event bot with signed payload

Swop/github-webhook-bundle 6

Symfony bundle which aims to simplify GitHub web hook handling.

Swop/heroku-buildpack-symfony2 5

A Heroku buildpack to compile Symfony2 apps

Swop/satis-webhook 3

A simple webhook trigger for rebuild your Satis

Swop/capifony 1

Deploying symfony and Symfony2 Applications with Capistrano

Swop/config-store 1

Software configuration management webapp: Manage your app configuration online, manage staging environments and use the embeded API to download the configuration at deploy time.

Swop/github-webhook-middleware 1

PSR-7 style & PSR-15 compatible middleware which will verify if the incoming GitHub web hook request is correctly signed.

Swop/laravel-luhn 1

Laravel utilities to ease validation and computation of credit cards, SIREN, etc.


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