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Spacebody Spacebody @SUSTC Hangzhou, China Nobody in the world.

Spacebody/CRA-C-Slides 2

This is the slides I used to tech others C programming languages -- by Yilin ZHENG

Spacebody/CS405-Machine-Learning 2

The source code of CS405 Machine Learning in SUSTech, Fall 2018

EpicMonopoly/EpicMonopoly-Client 1

The Client of course project Epic-Monopoly

EpicMonopoly/EpicMonopoly-Design 1

Design of project EpicMonopoly

EpicMonopoly/ 1

The website of course project EpicMonopoly

liziwl/FaaS 1

Image processing service based on Tencent SCF

Peng-YM/ReactSUSTechEAS 1

React front end for SUSTech Education Administration System

Peng-YM/SpringBootEducationSystem 1

Education System based on SpringBoot and REST

Spacebody/Algorithm-Design-and-Analysis 1

The source code about the course Algorithm Design and Analysis


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