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SkylerLipthay/interpolate_idents 42

Useable macro identifier concatenation plugin for Rust (deprecated)

SkylerLipthay/ducc 27

Rust bindings for Duktape, the embedded JavaScript engine

SkylerLipthay/case 14

A set of letter case helpers for Rust strings

SkylerLipthay/bean 8

A simple, dynamically typed, embedded scripting language for Rust

SkylerLipthay/BinPackr 5

A basic attempt to attack the NP-hard problem regarding efficiently sorting a finite number of two-dimensional rectangles into a larger two-dimensional container rectangle.

SkylerLipthay/gcnctrlusb 5

Nintendo GameCube USB controller adapter interface for the Rust language

SkylerLipthay/c8emu 2

CHIP-8 emulator written in Rust

SkylerLipthay/browser-twitch-vlc 1

Browser plugin to replace's Flash player with a VLC player

SkylerLipthay/compile-lock-webpack-plugin 1

Maintain a lock file during Webpack compilation


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