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Shubham ShubhamBansal1997 @usernames (Sentieo) Ex-@Dimagi @New Delhi, India Python, Django, flask, Node.js, React, React-Native, Vue.js, Express, GraphQL, PHP, Laravel, AWS, Blockchain, Golang (Seeking Full-Time Opportunities(Remote))

ShubhamBansal1997/crud-app-vuejs-django 179

This is simple crud app and searchFilter made using vuejs and django. Used to explain the tutorial present on

overflowjs-com/blog-frontend-auth 6

Contains the Frontend files for the overflow.js blog

ShubhamBansal1997/digitial-marketplace 2

Simple digitial marketplace to sell your themes and services

ashishgupta1350/FindMyStuff-DTU 1

A full stack web app to address the issue of lost items in DTU.

ShubhamBansal1997/django-graphql 1

Just Trying out some stuff with python django and graphql

issue commentShubhamBansal1997/pdf-to-base64

Error import module

@damtaipu what's the exact issue?? Please elaborate. I used this in a frontend react app


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fork ShubhamBansal1997/nodejs-express-mongoose-typescript-boilerplate

A boilerplate/starter project for quickly building RESTful APIs using Node.js, Express, and Mongoose.

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Shubham Bansal

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Optilyz assignment

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Shubham Bansal

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