Shraddha Devaiya ShraddhaDevaiya Perfect VIPs ahmedabad Verification engineer

saurabhsingh-pvips/riscv-dv 0

SV/UVM based instruction generator for RISC-V processor verification

ShraddhaDevaiya/block-pio-sifive 0

An example of on-boarding a PIO block in with duh and wake

ShraddhaDevaiya/HacktoberFest2020 0

Repository to let enthusiasts create issues and pull requests for the Open Source event

ShraddhaDevaiya/ibex 0

Ibex is a small 32 bit RISC-V CPU core, previously known as zero-riscy.

ShraddhaDevaiya/intro-html 0

A robot powered training repository :robot:

ShraddhaDevaiya/Project-Zipline 0

Defines a lossless compressed data format that is independent of CPU type, operating system, file system, and character set, and is suitable for compression using the XP10 algorithm.

ShraddhaDevaiya/pythonic_ocr 0

A convolutional neural network implemented in pure numpy.