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Pavel Shpak ShPakvel Belarus, Minsk

ShPakvel/simple_navigation_renderers 9

simple_navigation_renderers gem adds renderers for Bootstrap 2 and 3. With these renderers you will be able create any bootstrap navigation elements, such as: submenu, navbar-text, divider, header. As well as add icons to menu elements, such as: gliphicons, font-awesome icons, even custom icons. Also you have split option for main menu containing submenu.

ShPakvel/bootstrap_colorpicker_rails 6

Rails integration for Bootstrap Colorpicker, with simpel_form input.

ShPakvel/acts_as_follower 0

A Gem to add Follow functionality for models

ShPakvel/bootstrap-colorpicker-rails 0

A Colorpicker for Twitter Bootstrap, integrated with Rails assets pipeline

ShPakvel/bootstrap-datepicker-rails 0

A Datepicker for Twitter Bootstrap, integrated with Rails assets pipeline

ShPakvel/bootstrap-wysihtml5-rails 0

WYSIWYG editor for Bootstrap, integrated in Rails assets pipeline

ShPakvel/capistrano 0

Remote multi-server automation tool

ShPakvel/compass-960-plugin 0

Sass Port of as part of the Compass Stylesheet Framework.

ShPakvel/elixir 0

Elixir is a dynamic, functional language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications