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Scott Helme ScottHelme UK Security Researcher, international speaker and blogger.

ScottHelme/CloudFlareDDNS 258

Create your own DDNS service with CloudFlare

ScottHelme/Lets-Encrypt-Smart-Renew 89

Check the remaining validity period of a certificate before renewing.

ScottHelme/AlexaNissanLeaf 39

An Alexa Skill to control the Nissan Leaf

report-uri/report-uri-bugs 19

Bug tracker for

ScottHelme/revocation-endpoints 16

A list of CRL and OCSP endpoints.

ScottHelme/le-scan 13

Let's Encrypt Revocation Event

ScottHelme/HPACK-Encode 11

Encode strings with HPACK.

ScottHelme/horizon 8

ScottHelme/awesome-appsec 6

A curated list of resources for learning about application security

ScottHelme/PineappleSurprise 5

Pineapple Surprise! is a PHP implementation for the Wi-Fi Pineapple or "Jasager". Used in conjunction with dnsspoof it will serve a "surprise" to any clients connected to the device when they make an HTTP request.