Ron Alleva Ronnie76er Accolade South Jersey/ Philadelphia, PA

Ronnie76er/conkyhudson 12

A small python script that enables Hudson status via conky. Based on ConkyForecast

Ronnie76er/Campfire-Remove-Files 8

Simple Ruby script to remove all the files from Campfire

Ronnie76er/python-cloud-file-storage 3

One python API for cloud file services

Ronnie76er/conkyhudsonTemplateExamples 1

Home for examples of Conky-Hudson Templates

Ronnie76er/django-demo 1

Small Django Demo

Ronnie76er/dual-google-map 1

Dual Maps using google

Ronnie76er/exitwp 1

Exitwp is tool primarily aimed for making migration from one or more wordpress blogs to the jekyll blog engine as easy as possible.

Ronnie76er/g.raphael 1

Charts for Raphaël

Ronnie76er/jacoco-app 1

Jacoco app

Ronnie76er/outlook-with-attitude 1

Turning Outlook Web Access from a Gent to a G


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