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RobinRamael/gif-clj 4

a small gif encoder for clojure

RobinRamael/django-add-get-parameters 3

Template tag to add get parameter to the current url.

RobinRamael/latex-md 3

Generate LaTeX from Markdown

RobinRamael/mass-production 3

Call a function (e.g a factory-boy Factory's create method) according to a defined pattern.

RobinRamael/ 2 is an xml parser written in bash for people who are violently forced to parse xml in a shell script.

RobinRamael/django-prepared-properties 2

Declarative annotations and prefetches for Django models.

RobinRamael/Google-Maps-For-Fork-CMS 2

a wrapper for the google maps api, adapted for fork cms

RobinRamael/permutate 2

Lazily generate permutations of a Collection in Java.

RobinRamael/homebrew 1

The missing package manager for OS X.

RobinRamael/kaiketsu 1

A simple and not-that-smart-yet sudoku solver.