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Rob Dolin RobDolinMS Seattle, WA, USA

opencontainers/runtime-spec 2193

OCI Runtime Specification

opencontainers/image-spec 1627

OCI Image Format

RobDolinMS/autorest 0

Swagger (OpenAPI) Specification code generator featuring C# and Razor templates. Supports C#, Java, Node.js, TypeScript, Python and Ruby.

RobDolinMS/azure-rest-api-specs 0

The source for REST API specifications for Microsoft Azure.

RobDolinMS/community 0

Kubernetes community content

RobDolinMS/connectthedots 0

Connect tiny devices to Microsoft Azure services to build IoT solutions

RobDolinMS/image-spec 0

OCI Image Format

RobDolinMS/manifest 0

Manifest for web apps