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RedFoxy/Foxy-PostFix-Admin 0

Foxy PostFix Admin is a web based interface to configure and manage a Postfix based email server for many users.

RedFoxy/php-functions 0

Various function in PHP

RedFoxy/phpbb-ext-urlopenstonewwindow 0

An extension that change post links [url][/url] target to a new window using JQuery.

RedFoxy/postfixadmin 0

PostfixAdmin - web based administration interface for Postfix mail servers

RedFoxy/update-ddns 0

Script to update Dynamic DNS using UpdateDD or Curl

issue commenthassio-addons/addon-unifi

Downgrade addon

I got an old home assistant snapshot from a friend with plugin version 0,19 and I fix it, than I moved the controller outside using docker


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issue openedhassio-addons/addon-unifi

Downgrade addon

I need to downgrade unifi controller, there is a way to do it?

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