Manas Bhardwaj Reactor11 ClearTrip Bengaluru, Karnataka Do What Others Can't Do. I love to analyse two things : People and Data.

Reactor11/Instagram_API 1

This API gets the count of followers, followings, posts of provided usernames in excel sheet.

Reactor11/BandWidth-Stealer 0

It steals bandwidth from your wifi router without you logging in.

Reactor11/Cyber-Attack-Analysis 0

Analysis on cyber attacks happened all over the world.

Reactor11/Data-Science-Using-R 0

John Hopkin's Data Science Specialization Workspace.

Reactor11/datasharing 0

The Leek group guide to data sharing

Reactor11/dialogflow-webhook-python 0

Webhook in python for Dialogflow to create action in google.

Reactor11/Face-detection-using-opencv 0

OpenCV is a library of programming functions mainly aimed at real-time computer vision.


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Manas Bhardwaj

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Pig Latin Scripts for refrence.

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This repository is used to increase the web hit of the website provided, Mainly,etc. links.

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Manas Bhardwaj

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This repository uses selenium tool in python to automate instagram help center form.

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