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Quest Yarbrough Quezion Seattle, WA Clojure dev, lifelong technologist, 1-man DevOps. I've been moving my repos to Gitlab -- check

Quezion/re-frame-react-native 3

Example App using re-frame with react-native via shadow-cljs

Quezion/ambi-macs 2

Ergodox-EZ keymap for Clojure+Emacs with full reflectivity & power-features

Quezion/.boot 0

Simple .boot with CIDER hook and boot deps

Quezion/.emacs.d 0

Clojure focused init.el with explanations and references (OSX)

Quezion/.lein 0

Clojure Leiningen settings with CIDER tooling

Quezion/datascript 0

Immutable database and Datalog query engine for Clojure, ClojureScript and JS

Quezion/depstar 0

A clj-based uberjarrer (based on healthfinch/depstar, with enhancements)

Quezion/gitlabci-docker-git-gcloud 0

docker:git image with Google Cloud SDK and kubectl for Gitlab CI Runner

Quezion/k8s2env 0

Generate env.list from Helm (Kubernetes) YAML template