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Ruslan Mukhamedov Predictor Prague

Predictor/javasnowflake 57

64 bit sequential ID generator based on twitter snowflake ID generation algorythm

Predictor/AgeCounter 0

Skype interview task

Predictor/algs4-assignments 0

Coursera algorithms part 1 programming assignments

Predictor/gzip-stream-test 0

Test CLI app for multi threaded GZip stream usage

Predictor/NaviCode 0

Android application for QR code inside building navigation

Predictor/piglatin-net-core 0

Pig Latin text processor .netcore implementation

Predictor/QrMapMarker 0

Java applet to markup a building scheme and generate QR codes for NaviCode

Predictor/TnT-Fuzzer 0

OpenAPI 2.0 (Swagger) fuzzer written in python. Basically TnT for your API.

issue commentAzure/azure-sdk-for-net

[QUERY] UseV1MD5 equivalent in Azure.Storage.Blobs

@jsquire is there any progress on this request?


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