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Plloi/algorithms 0

Bug-tracking for Jeff's algorithms book, notes, etc.

Plloi/AntiPhish 0

Sorry phisher, I have no phish, will you settle for spam?

Plloi/BangleApps 0

Bangle.js App Loader (and Apps)

Plloi/brototype 0

Bro, do you even?

Plloi/CCPrograms 0

Collection of scripts for ComputerCraft

Plloi/commitment 0

A commit message generator that I use.

Plloi/crits 0

CRITs is an open source malware and threat repository that leverages other open source software to create a unified tool for analysts and security experts engaged in threat defense.

Plloi/cycli 0

CyCLI Powershell module

Plloi/decoding 0

Key and Lock Decoding Tools

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commit sha e1654ea7240a23670f1b9d895abe1260a7eb285f

Merge pull request #1 from Plloi/bug-tempdbx2 BUG: Temp Database added to options string twice

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Peter Maher

commit sha 04591dc9802d3a4519f2651caf10009a716acfbd

[ch3934] Datasource group fix

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Peter Maher

commit sha de05e92e7bb1a37a0d9b21436e8a5230bd236254

[ch3934] Fix secret name

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Peter Maher

commit sha bdf691dae84463471e3dbc892128478d3d961cf5

[ch3934] Re-organize into scripts and examples; use Runnable

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Peter Maher

commit sha cfeb56ac51cf0ba3ecd27218d48af45545e4eefe

[ch3934] finish Role; add datasource credentials to Datasource

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delete branch Plloi/mamori-ent-js-sdk

delete branch : bug-tempdbx2

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PR opened mamori-io/mamori-ent-js-sdk

BUG: Temp Database added to options string twice

TEMPDATABASE Was being Defined twice in the options string I also removed to empty else case and combined the else / if into a single elseif

The else could be added back in later assuming some fail early logic was added.

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create barnchPlloi/mamori-ent-js-sdk

branch : bug-tempdbx2

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Shaun Hammill

commit sha 82ddf885b1ed8e19b968ff866a6141165d5d9518

BUG: Temp Database added to options string twice

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fork Plloi/mamori-ent-js-sdk

SDK for Mamori enterprise server and proxies

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Shaun Hammill

commit sha 9555ed5dd7485f25dfd69be508fcccf7b657e433

move to new router package extract user map to function remove vestigial code

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