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Fabien Pertuy PertuyF Lyon, France

SuperElastix/SimpleElastix 369

Multi-lingual medical image registration library

PertuyF/bioconda-recipes 0

Conda recipes for the bioconda channel.

PertuyF/colormath-feedstock 0

A conda-smithy repository for colormath.

PertuyF/GrapeTree 0

GrapeTree is a fully interactive, tree visualization program, which supports facile manipulations of both tree layout and metadata.

PertuyF/MultiQC 0

Aggregate results from bioinformatics analyses across many samples into a single report.

PertuyF/ 0

A web application to build your blog on GitHub

PertuyF/r-base-feedstock 0

A conda-smithy repository for r-base.

PertuyF/staged-recipes 0

A place to submit conda recipes before they become fully fledged conda-forge feedstocks