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PentestMafia/AD-Attack-Defense 2

Attack and defend active directory using modern post exploitation adversary tradecraft activity

PentestMafia/C2 1

O projeto C2 visa desenvolver uma coleção de links uteis.

PentestMafia/Amass 0

In-depth DNS Enumeration and Network Mapping

PentestMafia/Astra 0

Automated Security Testing For REST API's

PentestMafia/atomic-red-team 0

Small and highly portable detection tests based on MITRE's ATT&CK.

PentestMafia/Awesome-Asset-Discovery 0

List of Awesome Asset Discovery Resources

PentestMafia/awesome-burp-extensions 0

A curated list of amazingly awesome Burp Extensions

PentestMafia/AWSBucketDump 0

Security Tool to Look For Interesting Files in S3 Buckets

PentestMafia/bandit 0

Bandit is a tool designed to find common security issues in Python code.

PentestMafia/bounty-targets-data 0

This repo contains hourly-updated data dumps of bug bounty platform scopes (like Hackerone/Bugcrowd/etc) that are eligible for reports


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